"Evil Rod" (2 Versions)

Is “Evil Rod” a person, place or thing?  We’re not sure, but whatever it is better watch out for Tonetta.  He’s in a vindictive mood again, and he’s going to make some “psycho fool” “cry for love” and “beg for god”.  What wrongs he’s righting are unclear, though he does call his target a thief, in so many words.  The overall lack of context makes us think this was more of an emotional thievery.  If Tonetta’s bike was stolen and he wrote a song about it, I doubt he’d forget to mention that his bike was stolen in the song itself.  When something is too painful or hard to express in words, then you get vague.

As for the titular “Rod” of the title, it most likely refers to either the thief himself (full name: Evil Rodney), or it’s Tonetta’s method of punishment (“you’re gonna get the evil rod, son).  And by either/or, I mean 10% chance vs. 90% chance.  It doesn’t quite fit into “Boner Week”, so here’s a song that does.  3/5

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