"Another Notch"

Some say that guys use Halloween as an excuse to dress in drag while keeping their manhood intact.  If that’s case, Tonetta probably sticks to male costumes.  No sense competing with amateurs.  This week we’re looking at some of his best menswear, and nothing says manly like disco.

But let’s not take the limelight away from the song itself.  “Another Notch” is just a few weeks old and it’s already in my top ten Tonetta tracks ever.  It’s a stud anthem, nothing new there.  His wordplay is especially witty; his member is “Like a quake, it rocks.  Like a tsunami, it a gusher.”  The star of the show is the massive hook at the end of the chorus though: “It’s big, it’s huge, it’s mansize.  It’s something to brag about.”  Words don’t do it justice, just listen.  And don’t question why a disco dancer would be called big cowboy.  You don’t want to know.

Sometimes the better the song is, the less there is to say, right?  5/5

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