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Another note from Dzmitry:

Recently you mentioned that Tonetta seems to be using the internet more and that is certainly true. Recently, when he was uploading videos i messaged him saying hi, and requested him to do a b-day song for me for feb. 28th. He replied (!!!) saying that although he is busy, he’ll try to do a song and that his birthday is on feb 17. And sure enough, a few days later a song called “party time” appeared on his channel with a comment saying “you got your song on a special day”. I couldnt be more happy.

I remember the time when, if you wanted to connect with tony, you needed to send a letter through btp. My only question is why 2 channels. He seems to be uploading and commenting on both 777tonetta and 2010tonetta. Althogh most uploads are identical, some are unique to each account. For example the 777tonetta account has the remake and original old video of “gonna marry a prostitute”, and 2010tonetta has another seemingly recent video of the old recording where tonetta is out of drag. While yet another account, 2020tonetta, has a short 50 sec video of just the chorus of the song. Tonetta is getting more confusing, which isnt bad, you could say it adds to his mysteriousness. I guess having multiple accounts is a back up plan in case more violations come his way.

Anyway, please keep revewing. I know it can be overwhelming keeping up with the recent frequency of his uploads, but im really curious to hear your thoughts on some of the songs like “is there a meaning to love” (a masterpiece).

Your truly

Thanks again for writing.  We’re just as confused as you are.  Is Tonetta posting his own vids now?  Was he always?  Or is he just providing notes to a 3rd (or 4th!) party?  Your guess is as good as ours.  

As for the old procedure for contacting Tonetta, we were under the impression that he didn’t have his own phone or email address, therefore all communiqués had to be sent through Black Tent.  It didn’t feel like BTP was trying to limit communication in any way, just that he’d make it more likely for Tonetta to actually see it.  So has that all changed?  He needs an email in order to post to YouTube, but I wouldn’t put it past him to insist on borrowing someone else’s.  

Happy early birthday to both of you guys btw.

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