"Grandma Knows Best"

OVERVIEW:  The quintessential Tonetta video.  Awesome composition, weird enough to pass around without really scaring anyone, and a good starting point for first-timers.

MUSIC: Tonetta’s catchiest song thus far.  Acoustic rhythm guitar drives the song, but the electric lead is what keeps “Grandma” stuck in your head, especially the little outro to every chorus.

LYRICS: A sly comment on a side issue of one of 2009’s biggest news stories.  Tonetta lays out his thoughts on the impending custody battle over Michael Jackson’s kids.  He obviously sides with “Grandma” Katherine, and warns “Mama” Debbie Rowe not to waste money in court and get over it.  In his words, she’s “fucked,” but that fucking may produce the children she so desires.

PERFORMANCE:  Tonetta’s lip syncs most of his videos, and this one’s no exception.  He’s not overly concerned with getting the sync absolutely correct, so we’re fine with it too.  Dance moves include “Making It Rain” money, the “Quick Draw,” and the “One Thrust Fuck.”

COSTUME: Black thong and choker.  Short hair.  No masks or accouterments.  He’s either oiled up or really sweaty.

LOCATION: Unknown.  I like to think it’s his basement.  Tonetta performs in front of a black backdrop and the video is framed by a neon hypercolor triangular “Tim & Eric”-ish matte.  This is a pretty stripped mise-en-scene for Tonetta, which is fine since the song is so strong.

RATING: Other Tonetta videos are more insane and shocking, but this is the one that made us fans.  Katherine Jackson currently has custody of Michael’s kids.  All is right with the world.  5/5

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