"Does Anybody Know I Am Here"

OVERVIEW:  Until I came across this gem today I had no idea Tonetta wrote ballads.  It’s kinda like if Pink Floyd’s “Is There Anybody Out There?” was recorded for the Mulholland Drive soundtrack.

MUSIC: 60’s style plucking guitar ballad, not unlike a Johnny Cash or Elvis slow jam.  It really does sound like the kind of track David Lynch would use in a movie though.

LYRICS: The song is a suicide fantasy, actually multiple suicide fantasies.  Tonetta imagines slicing his throat, crashing his motorcycle, and getting eviscerated in battle.Any good songwriter brings personal experience to their lyrics, so we can assume that Tonetta did once feel alone and adrift in the vastness of YouTube.  I feel when he talks about suicide, he’s really contemplating killing his online musical career.  He wonders whether or not anyone is watching, he says it’s all been in vain, and he’s ok leaving knowing that he’s left a legacy behind.

Thankfully for us, this is an older video.  Tonetta has pushed through, picked up a loyal cult following, and has a record coming out next year.

PERFORMANCE: Balladeer, obviously.  He’s pouring his heart out so he keeps the moves to a minimum.  In fact, we only get a medium shot.  What his legs are doing isn’t important, this video is about the emotional content of the song.  We do get a “Disco Point” and a “Throat Slice” however.

I still can’t help but think he’s seen this performance:

COSTUME: Subdued.  Black vest, black hairnet and a white scarf.  The white scarf is an interesting choice.  In theory it would cover a slit throat, but it’s spotless.  I think this is telling us not to take the song at face value and think of it as a metaphor.

LOCATION: Unknown.  Once again the black backdrop obscure any clues to his location.

RATING: Another interesting direction that Tonetta has explored but hasn’t concentrated on.  It’s not outrageous or shocking at all by his standards, but it lets us in on the mind of Tonetta, and that could never be a bad thing. 5/5

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