"Yummy Yummy Pizza"

OVERVIEW: Once Tonetta blows up, ‘Weird Al’ won’t bother parodying him. Tonetta is one step ahead. With “Yummy Yummy Pizza,” Tonetta has taken his signature sound and added lyrics about food. All he needs to do now is make a polka version of “Doin a Dyke” and ‘Weird Al’ will be neutralized.

MUSIC: Tonetta works within a particular sound during each of his phases it seems. The “white mask” phase sees Tonetta perfecting his short electric-acoustic pop songs while experimenting with layered vocals. This song is one of the top examples of the era.

LYRICS: Ever break up with someone over dinner? That’s what Tonetta is doing here. Whilst enjoying yummy pizza, the character putting their significant other on blast. He’s going to “Teach you a certain thing or two,” lets you know “You were nothing new,” and the worst insult “Not so yummy you.” The character also has “expensive tastes” in pizza, which leads you to believe he has expensive tastes in other things that the significant other had trouble providing.

As you can see, pronouns are always an issue when discussing a Tonetta character song. Is he singing as a woman? Is he singing as himself and just so happens to be wearing a skirt at the same time? I think this is his version of a golddigger song, with him singing as the golddigger herself.

PERFORMANCE: Expressive yet delicate, he seems to be channeling a pizza delivering geisha at points. Moves include “Sniffing the Pie” and the return of the “One Thrust Fuck.”

COSTUME: One of his most original. The white mask, black choker and cheerleader skirt return. He also adds a pink shower cap. The stroke of genius is the electrical tape bra and grid over his body. The grid gives him a computer rendering/Tron-like quality that gets even more strange when you get to the bra. The bra is open in the front, which makes this outfit some sort of electrical tape fetish lingerie. Tonetta doesn’t just write songs, he creates kinks.

LOCATION: A kitchen perhaps? We see a hard wood floor and the corner of a window. Backdrops are purple and black, and there’s some random stuff in the corner that could be electronic gear or just a coat hanging on a chair. It’s too dark to tell.

RATING: This one will give anyone you send it to a true WTF? moment. If you only watch the first :30 and only half pay attention to the lyrics, this is just another disturbing instance of combining innocence with strange sexuality. We know that Tonetta doesn’t solely do things for shock value though, there’s always a message. 5/5

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