"Hungry Eyes"

OVERVIEW:  The ghost of Christmas past gives us a look at Tonetta before Tonetta, back when he was just ‘Bob’ or ‘Jimmy’ or whatever his Earth name is.  When you see something like "Ride Me," you assume this person just is, and has always been “this way.”  With “Hungry Eyes” we see that there was a journey to reach the Tonetta of 2009.  Walter Kovacs is dead, now there’s only Rorschach.

MUSIC: Is it just me or do you sense the tiniest bit of Elvis-ish country here?  I wonder if Tonetta was once in an alt-country or country rock band before embarking on his solo career.

LYRICS: Another stalker anthem, showing that Tonetta has held onto his curiosities over the years.  He asks the object of his (misplaced) affections to “turn your key, unlock your door, set my mind at ease.”  One kiss from this person will make him ‘sigh,’ though it seems like ‘faint’ would be the better word.  It’s obvious that the character is totally obsessed, to the point of distraction.  He doesn’t so much need the person than need them to validate him in order for this obsession to dissipate.

He also sings “soon I’ll be hard to ignore,” which in terms of the song could hint at possible violence from the stalker.  I like to think this refers to Tonetta himself.  He doesn’t know where the future will take him, but he knows it’s going to be something you haven’t seen before.

"Wait’ll they get a load of me."

PERFORMANCE:  He’s working it out.  Dance moves are experimental, almost spastic.  There’s a potentially cool call and response move in the middle that only seems half-formed.  The only complete move of note is the “Elevator Drop” at the end, which might not be anything more than Tonetta shutting off the video (see the flash frames at the beginning of the video).

COSTUME: Classic rocker/roadie.  Tonetta has a mullet, mustache, and a cut-off t-shirt featuring either a Led Zeppelin-like wizard or penis.  Probably the former, though if this was shot last week I’d assume the latter.  Most interestingly is was looks to be a wedding ring on his right hand.  Does Tonetta have a fairer half?  Is she aware of his internet double life?  I’m imagining Tonetta with a rock-chick wife, not unlike the wives in the Anvil documentary.  They’re from Toronto too after all.  I can’t fathom what an old-school rocker babe would think of the current incarnation of Tonetta.  I guess that explains his wardrobe though.

LOCATION: It looks like my old dorm room, just swap out those random sketches with OK Computer posters and cutouts from wrestling magazines (my roommate loved Shawn Michaels).

RATING: A fascinating look at the early stages of the Tonetta phenomenon.  It gives us just enough information to fill in some of the gaps and broaden the mystery at the same time.  I have to admit I was a tad disappointing this wasn’t a Dirty Dancing cover, but this will do fine. 4/5

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