"Crucify Me"

OVERVIEW:  A little seen treasure from the Tonetta experimental bin.  Tonetta just got served, and he isn’t happy about it.

MUSIC: A fast, Talking Heads-ish number unlike anything else I’ve heard from Tonetta.  Programmed drum beats dominate the track while solo guitar licks add the flavor.

LYRICS: Seems like Mrs. Tonetta has changed her name to Ms.  “Crusify Me” is a divorce rant, plain and simple.  “I got a love letter from your attorney,” says Tonetta.  He sarcastically tells his ex to “Congratulate yourself on being the perfect spouse,” but not to expect any money from him because she doesn’t deserve it.

Tonetta also reiterates his traditional views on marriage, as seen yesterday in "Flutter." He tells his former spouse, “You’ll be judged for lying before a priest.”  They’ve exchanged wedding vows, but Tonetta is the only one staying true to them.  His ex has broken her vows, thereby going against the will of god.  Perhaps Tonetta’s reverence for his deity explains the misspelling in the song title?

PERFORMANCE:  Energetic, but not as angry as you’d expect.  His spouse is gone, and it hurts him, especially in his pocketbook.  But this gives Tonetta a new found independence.  We can’t be sure of the exact date of this recording, but it would make sense if this came before some of his edgier videos like "Yummy Yummy Pizza" and "Ride Me." If this divorce allowed Tonetta to go full weirdo, then we might also assume that his artistic ambitions and desires were held back by his ex, and might have even been the cause of their breakup.

Or this could all be completely fictional.  In that case, you have my apologies Mrs. Tonetta.

COSTUME: Tonetta’s wearing the same diaper from the "Flutter" video, but his long blonde hair is real this time.  If we take the diaper literally (figuratively?), Tonetta could be saying that he’s been reborn.  The divorce, though painful, has given him a new life as the man he’s always wanted to be - Tonetta.  He’s free to grow and explore his art without fear or embarrassment.

Who was Tonetta before this rebirth?  There’s an interesting comment on this video from YouTube user 73mm saying “I love it!  Good job Dave!”

Dave. Tonetta = Dave?  No, Dave is dead.  There is only Tonetta now.

LOCATION: Tonetta/Dave wasn’t so worried about his backgrounds back then, so we finally get a full view of his studio space.  There’s a small kitchen behind him, and the hardwood floors probably mean he’s standing in some sort of dining room.  There are sketches all over the walls and for the first time, an easel on the right.  The spookiest part is the statue/mannequin on the left.  Does that represent the missing spouse?  Or is that the ghost of Dave?  Either way it makes me think of this:

RATING: Assuming this song is biographical, this is an essential piece of the puzzle that is Tonetta.  If not, it’s still pretty cool.  It’s like one of those ads showing a model before being photoshopped and airbrushed.  Most people are shocked by the difference, but when a photo is cleaned up properly, it only makes the truth better. 4/5

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