"Wedding Pictures"

Jesus Christ, is it any surprise that Tonetta’s marriage failed when his wife didn’t even want him in the wedding pictures?  More importantly, why would anyone even pay for a photographer if only half of the couple would be allowed in front of the camera?  Were these hung in their house?  Hard to imagine a more awkward conversation starter.

This is an incredibly sad song.  Tonetta’s basically telling us he never had a chance to have a happy adult life.  Of course we don’t have any of the details.  Maybe he banged a stripper at the bachelor party the night before?  Maybe he just kept quiet while their relationship progressed towards marriage and their intimacy turned sour.  I’ve been in that position before; thank god she asked “So do you want to break up?”

He even mentions his sons, Chris and Dave, by name; he’s mentioned them once before in an interview.  He assures them that he’s always loved them, which makes us think that either they don’t think he does, or that they don’t feel the same way.  Either one is sad, but neither are particularly special when it comes to broken families.  What is special about Tonetta is how he’s channeled this negative energy into art.  5/5

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