One of Tonetta’s more enigmatic songs, “Decoraters” seems to be about the differences between the genders, though what it’s saying is up for debate.  “You’ve got to be a decorater to be special,” he says, later adding that being a decorater helps you to pull fast ones and overdose (on what I’m not exactly sure).

He then lists off a few female names: Kelly and Sharon in the first verse, Mary and Shari in the second.  All four have caused him grief, as only stupid people can do (they have “knowledge of nil”).  Just when we think this is turning into an attack on women, he tells us that “you got to be a woman to be perfect.”  Huh?

I take that statement half seriously.  Tonetta insinuates that all four of these women consider themselves ‘perfect’, therefore they feel at liberty to give him all the shit they want.  We also know that Tonetta adores women.  Just look at the art gallery if you need any proof. 

Tonetta also sees gender as being fluid, so that womanly perfection can be applied to a man.  Could that be what he means by a ‘decorater’?  Does decorating your body to look ladylike get a man closer to this feminine nirvana?  Is Tonetta the result of a ‘decorating’ overdose?  I kinda like that idea.  4/5

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