"I’ll Remain As I Am"

Another standout track from 777, “I’ll Remain As I Am” is perhaps Tonetta’s most tender recount of his marriage gone bad.  It’s unknown who did what to who to cause the separation, and it’s rare when Tonetta takes any of the blame, but that’s exactly how this one starts.  “I made a promise, and I broke it,” he begins.  He continues and says the same of his wife, but it doesn’t seem that they both broke their vows in the same way.  It’s understood that his wife ultimately ended the relationship which could be the vow-breaking that he’s alluding to.

But what promise did Tonetta break?  Did he stray?  Was he emotionally distant?  Or was his inability to make his wife happy failure enough?  Though we’re pretty straightforward about our desire to see Tonetta move on, it does seem that he’s changed from the person he was back then (in more ways than one).  Perhaps the change is so drastic that his demands to his wife to reconsider should be… considered?

So if he’s changed, why is the song called “I’ll Remain As I Am”?  Maybe it means just that - he’s still alone and he still loves his wife.  He’s kept that promise for sure.  5/5

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