"My Bro"

The internet has to be the world’s largest asshole farm outside of Bob Jones University.  Could you imagine watching a man perform a song about his longtime bandmate and friend’s suicide, then commenting out loud, “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that was hilarious made my day”?  That’s exactly what someone posted 3 months ago on the “My Bro” YouTube page, further proving there’s no human decency online.  It’s true that the internet is the cheapest and easiest way to find fans, but each fan comes with 2 haters.  Hopefully one day Tonetta will decide to perform live, where that ratio will be much more in his favor.

I never heard “My Bro” before 777 and it’s yet another under-the-radar Tonetta gem.  It sounds like “Crosseyed & Painless” by Talking Heads slowed down until it’s sinister.  It’s an angry song, and we’re made to believe the anger is directed at his bro’s ex by the first few lines (“She shit him out, wiped him off…”).  However by the chorus we know that Tonetta is mad at the bro himself.  The two have played shows together and been friends for years.  One day he got sick, as Tonetta found out in a letter, then ended it all himself.  Tonetta is angry because it doesn’t make sense; he still doesn’t know why he chose suicide.  You have to assume his illness wasn’t going to bring about a long painful death or financially burden his family (it is Canada, after all).  If it was then his suicide would be tragic, but not unfathomable.  Tonetta is asking questions of the dead, and he can’t help but be put off by the lack of answers.

"My Bro" leads off 777 and immediately takes it down a darker path than even the most hardcore Tonetta fans would expect.  Though somehow it feels poppier, dancier on the record.  Maybe because we’re spared from seeing the hurt on Tonetta’s face.   5/5

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